Printable Pennsylvania Divorce Papers

woman filling out the divorce documents
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In any US state, the ability of spouses to get along determines the type of divorce they can file for. If there are some irresolvable disputes concerning children, finances, assets, or some other no less important aspect of their marriage, spouses will need to hire lawyers and initiate a contested case.

However, if the couple has managed to come to a full agreement, they can file for a simpler uncontested marriage dissolution. It means that they don’t need to hire attorneys and just have to prepare their PA courts divorce forms to start the case. They can find printable divorce papers in PA on the official website of the Pennsylvania courts and fill them out completely on their own to save money.

However, dealing with divorce papers in PA is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The problem is that it is rather difficult to choose and fill out the documents without having any legal knowledge. That’s why many couples decide to work with online companies to ensure their paperwork is right for their case, is pre-filled, and can be filed.

Pennsylvania Divorce Forms: Free Download

Even if your case is uncontested, you will still have a considerable number of Pennsylvania divorce forms to file. The first and most important paper any petitioner in PA must file is a Divorce Complaint. This form includes basic information about the marriage and the spouses and serves as a request made to the court to end a marriage.

There are also mandatory documents such as Entry of Appearance of Self-Represented Party if you are filing without a lawyer or an Affidavit of Non-Military Service confirming that your spouse is not in the military. You will also have to create a Marital Settlement Agreement covering everything you and your spouse agreed to in great detail. These are just a few of the wide variety of potentially required documents.

Some forms are not required but may be used to get certain relief from the court. For example, if you have financial difficulties, which make it impossible for you to cover the court fees, you will need the Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis.

You may find the samples of printable divorce papers in pdf below.

Please note that this list is created for demonstration purposes only. There is no universal packet of Pennsylvania divorce papers that can fit any marriage dissolution case. For example, if you have children, you must make sure you have all the forms that address custody, child support, and other aspects of childcare. If you and your spouse are dividing property or assets, make sure you have found the documents covering the description and division of the above. In case you have no time to search for these papers, you can contact our service and receive the full packet of filled-out forms just in 5 days.