Cheap Divorce in Pennsylvania

The cheapest divorce in PA without hiring a lawyer! Save your time and money by getting forms for divorce in PA online.  

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Complete Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania Online

When spouses have something they cannot agree on, for example, how to divide a marital home or who gets the custody, they will have to resolve their disputes in court with the help of their lawyers. Even a divorce without children or a significant amount of property can become a long and expensive process when spouses have disagreements.

On the contrary, when there are no disputes, or there is a willingness to resolve them, spouses can get an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer. And you can get both the necessary paperwork and the filing instructions for a flat fee of $139. To get a low-cost divorce in PA, you only have to take 3 steps:

Step 1. Check if you qualify for online divorce.
Step 2. Answer a few questions about your case.
Step 3. Receive your documents in just 5 days.
Pricing - Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Packages
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Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania Online

Receive a full packet of court-approved papers filled out with the details of your case. Get a filing guide with information on the next steps of your marriage dissolution process.

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Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania with a Child

No extra charges for an uncontested divorce with children. Pay $139 for a full set of documents, child-related forms included. Receive a step-by-step filing guide as well without any additional fe

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Installment Plan

No need to cover the full amount right away. Pay $70 when filling in the preliminary questionnaire and $70 at any time within 30 days.

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Cheap, Easy and Quick divorce in Pennsylvania

We are proud to be one of the best online divorce helpers on the market. Working with us, you will get:

  • Low-cost divorce in PA.We charge a flat fee of $139, even to spouses filing for an uncontested divorce with children. Besides, we offer affordable shipping options to those who don’t want to print out 20+ pages of forms themselves.
  • Easy divorce in PA.To get professional help from our service, you don’t have to go anywhere and can fill out the questionnaire wherever you feel comfortable. We have minimized the number of questions, made them simple and straightforward, and ensured that you will be supported by useful hints.
  • Only court-approved forms.Ordering from our service, you don’t have to worry about receiving old forms or those that don’t match your case. We update our forms when the laws change and can thus guarantee that they are legal to use.
  • Fast divorce in PA.Our simplified questionnaire won’t take much time, and you will get your filled-out paperwork in only 5 days. It won’t take too long to finalize your divorce either, as you will receive detailed instructions on your further steps.
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How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania with No Money

Divorce in PA is usually considered a process that requires a lot of money. It is indeed true for contested cases, considering that their average cost is approximately $15,000. Fortunately, the couple can save their money sufficiently if they reach financial and child-related agreements and get an uncontested divorce.

If one wants to divorce with no job or money, they may consider a do-it-yourself marriage dissolution. With this option, spouses refrain from hiring lawyers and do everything, from completing paperwork to going to court, without any outside help.

Even though DIY divorce is the cheapest way to end your marriage, it may take lots of time and resources to take each step on your own, especially if you are new to the process. That’s why working with an online divorce provider at an affordable rate is the best option to get an easy and quick divorce in Pennsylvania. You only have to fill in a simplified questionnaire and get your forms in 5 days. We will prepare all the documents that are needed for your case and also provide you with detailed filing instructions.

Here are the steps you have to take if you want to get a divorce with no money:

  1. Make sure you can get a Pennsylvania uncontested divorce. It means that you must meet the residency requirements of PA and be in full agreement with your spouse.
  2. Visit the official website of your state court and find all the needed information concerning uncontested divorce and pro se filing.
  3. Look for all the forms that you have to file for your case and fill them in. Note that incorrectly filled-out, lacking, or outdated forms won’t be accepted by the court.
  4. File the documents with your county court and pay the filing fees. If you cannot cover these costs, you may apply for a fee waiver.
  5. Serve your spouse with the paperwork with the help of a process server, sheriff, a relative over 18 years, or by mail.
  6. Wait for the waiting period to pass and file the rest of the forms with the court clerk.
  7. Wait until your paperwork is forwarded to the judge for review. If everything is in order, they will issue a final decree.